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For Customer    

TGM is a specialized trading company dealing with facilities machinery specialized in flat glass and vice-materials.
We have introduced adapting goods to needs of customers, basing on the abundant information which is collected from the various countries in the world, not to mention Japan.
The essences are “To pay attention to needs of customers,” “To build goods adapting to the market” and “To supply stable service.”
In addition, as for our technical section, we set up the offices in Tokyo / Osaka / Nagoya and try to give substantial quick maintenance service so that we can meet the demand of customers of the whole country immediately.
We still continue to make the trust of customers with a motto in "the latest information and innovative technology" from now on.


Generally, the electric power generation depends on scientific fuel.
However, recently, the solar cell which converts solar energy into direct electric energy as a clean energy source has attracted attention.
Our company positively works on the field for the global environment.
As for the goods of the field of our solar cell, we have three main goods.
Firstly, as for the tempering glass furnace, it already has results both inside and outside the countries.
Secondly, as for EVA film, we are developing it now aiming at sales during this year.
Finally, as for a laminating glass device, it is for cell assembly.
We pour the effort into the goods for the solar cell, mainly the above-mentioned three goods in the future.